Foster Hope

Today is our second day of service at Maryville. We painted one of the lunch room in Madden, a home for teenage moms. To be honest, I was worried that I could not be able to make an impact. However, after seeing the room painted and some tangible results, I finally feel relief. Also, it was really nice to interact with some of the girls. Personally, I am shaken by the fact that one of the moms is only 15 years old, which meant she got pregnant around the age of most high school first year girls. My sister is a sophomore right now and I can’t imagine her having a baby right now, raising the kid on her own.Another thing we got to do was, we had a chance to meet with the person in charge of fundraising after lunch . It was also good to learn about the obstacles they have to go through to fund all the services. Some one from the group came up with the question of why do the mothers get funding from the government and why not the boys. It is an interesting question, that we look forward to find out by the end of the trip.

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