Day 3: Poe POW

Hello all,

Today we got to sleep in! As it was MLK Jr. Day, we were unable to participate in our Meals on Wheels service so found a plethora of other ways to fill the day with activities instead. First and foremost, we made a much-needed trip to Western Beef supermarket, where we were greeted with spacious aisles and reasonable produce.

Following the supermarket and some fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, we watched a great documentary by Morgan Spurlock about his grandmother and her end-of-life state of affairs. However, while this documentary was certainly touching and relatable to many who saw it, the best part was the discussion that followed. As a group we spent 79 minutes (yes we timed it) talking about aging, healthcare, and math! The discussion did a great job tying together some loose ends from the documentary and unearthing some big-picture questions many on our team have pondered.

After a short break and delicious taco dinner, we fought the cold NYC winds to see Daisy Nguyen, a recent Lafayette grad, for some coffee and dessert. This was a great time for all, other than Taha who will be having lucid dreams for the rest of the week about his unfinished slice of marble cake.

Looking forward to a fruitful day of service tomorrow and exploring Times Square afterwards.


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