Day 1 (Looking at the glass half full)

Ah, what an eventful start to our ASB trip! Well, for me it started even earlier since I was out of bed at 8 am and had to catch my bus from Baltimore to New York. This was my first time travelling to New York on my own and as nerve wrecking of a task as that seems, I was excited.

Our group met up at the Main Concourse of the Penn Station as planned. After that long journey I just wanted to come to the hotel and unwind; little did i know that this was only half the travelling for today. It took us quite a while to first find the subway station and then the right platform. Going up and down flights of stairs with luggage made up for all the exercise I missed during the winter break.

However, even during these hard times the team stuck together and didn’t panic. Everyone was tired from the journey but all of us had come with a positive attitude that would not be shattered so easily. I feel like these dire moments actually made us more united, so not a bad way to start an ASB trip with the team!

After finally reaching the hotel, we decided to eat out for dinner since no one had the energy to prepare a meal. Dinner table conversations were uplifting and made us forget about the hardships we faced earlier. I’m excited for the rest of the trip and am confident that our unity will stand the challenges of the Big Apple!


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