Day 2, Round 2

Waddup ASBers,
Day 2 of Team FITting In’s trip was a blast! We started the day with a tasty breakfast (complete with cinnamon buns) at the Lodge. Groceries were next, and we were super efficient getting everything we need for this week’s lunches. Everyone was very excited to get the shopping done with (shout out to our amazing PB&J team aka Marissa and myself) so that the team could go play a few quick rounds of flash. We learned a lot about each other and team bonded during flash, and it was a great new icebreaker. We then made our way to the Duke Gardens where Kaitlin and Bo promptly killed the hide and go seek game. Also, 75 and sunny is a nice change of pace relative to the snow in Easton right now. After the Gardens, we made our way back to the Lodge for reflection, dinner, and a movie. Reflection was an hour well spent, and we were very open for the first day on the trip. The Internship was a solid movie choice, and everyone (hopefully) enjoyed it. Overall, it was a fun day and I am looking forward to the week to come!

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