Bonding Day

Day 1 of ASB: Team Fitting In was rather interesting. It would be safe to summarize this day as our team’s bonding day. We traveled from Lafayette College in Easton, PA to Durham, North Carolina in two SUV’s. This trip took a little under 10.5 hours. Our team sang, introduced each other to new music, and played intense, sometimes stressful games of 20 questions (I don’t know why we chose to disrespect the last question that would’ve made it 21 questions). Also, we were fed well along the way to North Carolina – shout out to our group leader(s).

Upon arrival to our site, we ate dinner and got ourselves situated in our cabin. The team bonded further through games of Ninja, WA, and Mafia. Mafia is not for the weak-hearted, let me tell you. However, it was a great experience all around. There was some betrayal that took place in these games, and I was bitter about it. But in the end, we were all able to laugh about the ridiculousness of it all.

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