T-minus 24 Hours

It is less than 24 hours until my team departs for Newark, New Jersey!

I am so excited for our trip to Newark! On our trip we will be staying at a Boys & Girls Club and then will be traveling each day to the Jersey Shore to help reconstruct homes that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. My home town is on Long Island and so Hurricane Sandy Relief is something that I hold close to my heart. I understand the pain that these people went/are going through so I want to do anything in my power on this trip to help ease their suffering.

The months leading up to this trip went by so quickly and I can’t believe that I leave tomorrow. Throughout the first semester and the beginning of our second semester my team was able to build on our teamwork skills as we prepped for our trip. This included organizing fundraisers for our trip such as our Valentine’s Day candy-gram delivery and sticker sale. We were able to discuss our ideas and put them together to come up with great fundraisers. These fundraisers really helped with raising money for our trip and also ┬áspread the word about our trip around campus. I also really enjoyed our pre-trip service project to the Easton Area Community Center. For our service we plotted seeds that would be planted in the EACC’s community garden later in the spring. I not only got to continue working with my ASB team but I also got to see what life was like in Easton outside of Lafayette. Our trip to the Easton Area Community Center was an eye-opening experience and I can’t wait to enjoy more moments like this in the coming week on my trip to Newark and the Jersey Shore!

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