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I love these kids. They are the cutest little creatures I have ever seen. From the day I met them I knew that Thursday evening would be one of the hardest days of my life because I was leaving them.

Thursday specifically, I felt so great about myself because I solved a conflict between a brother and a sister. Isiah, 9, secretly took his sisters’ Iyana’s ,8, diary and read it to a group of boys. Iyana was really upset with her brother and was walking around the club very sad. I simply asked her what was wrong and she told me all about it.

With techniques I used at home I got both of the of the kids to talk it out, to hug, and to apologize to each other. I felt very accomplished because earlier in the day, Isiah told me that he usually handles problems by fighting, and I had the ability and patience to show him and alternative way to solve issues.

Thursday was great thanks to Iyana and Isiah.

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