My Most Rewarding Decision so Far at Lafayette

Yes, ASB Texas is the most rewarding decision I have made at Lafayette thus far.  I am convinced that I am not finished discovering the impact ASB has had on me after 11 days back in Easton.  On my trip, I learned that the potential rewards of embracing something with every ounce of effort I have.  ASB Texas was so rewarding because I put forth the effort and wanted it to be rewarding.  I can say I have taken that concept home with me and that my life and approach to situations in it have never been better.

I had no idea what to expect while on my way to Texas.  This forced me to dive into the situation with a completely open mind.  I learned so much about Texas and the complications behind immigration in the United States that it has become a top interest in my mind.  I have even found myself reading articles when I come across them to learn more from time to time.  ASB was educational and showed me how much I can do to influence the big issues I will quickly grow up to eventually face directly or indirectly every day.  I learned how much work it takes to truly understand something enough to make an educated decision about it. That has motivated me to want to share my experience with others who do not have a week to spend surrounded with information about an issue for which they are passionate.

Working with locals and hearing their stories to dancing the bachata, I was exposed to a culture I have never truly known.  Aside from the educational benefits, the benefits of cultural awareness have led me to have a greater appreciation for people most different from me.  I could not be happier with the experience in Texas!

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