I Miss Tennessee

I already miss Tennessee and all the new friends I have made.  I not only worked hard, but I got to experience something entirely new within my own country; Cherokee culture and southern culture.  I was called a Yankee!  I couldn’t stop laughing because I remember my father calling me that as a child.  We met Cherokees and they talked about their history and culture.  Also, we played this Cherokee Fish Game which was the funnest, most tiring game I ever played.  I thought I knew my country, but I am now beginning to realize that the United States is a huge country with a vast amount of people with different views, beliefs, and culture.  I learned so much because of this ASB trip.

It was an exhausting trip as well.  We had to get up early everyday to get out in field to work.  We removed invasive plants, picked up litter in a national park, and built a wooden deck for a Cherokee family.  Even though these things seems small in comparison to bigger projects, every little thing adds up.  Again, it was exhausting work, but I enjoyed doing it with the new friends I made from Lafayette College, University of South Florida, and Colorado State.

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