The Morning of Tennessee!

Hey everyone! So it’s the morning of the big day – we’re going to Tennessee. I have just finished packing and will probably eat something yummy soon. I am so incredibly excited to be able to go on this trip. This is a great way to get involved, make new friends and do something super cool over spring break and there’s no better way to do it, then to go to Tennessee! The thing I am most excited for is to be out there with no lights, no noise, no distractions. Also, I’m not gonna lie that I’m excited to see what hikes we can do. I have a nerdy confession – I’m excited to see the geology because I’m a weirdo geology major so hopefully there’s some cool formations out there near the Great Smokey Mountains (actually, this is probably what I’m most excited for). The Cherokee culture seems very interesting and I want to learn more about them and their lifestyle. I like to immerse myself in other cultures and then compare them to the one I am used to. In addition, I’m excited to spend time in the forests doing whichever projects they need. I love being outdoors and think that this trip is the best combination of service and the outdoors. You really couldn’t ask for anything better. Well, I’m off to wrap up a few things and I can’t wait to see you all at WAC! :)

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