Yay for ASB VA!

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Chesterfield Virginia for my first ever ASB trip! I do not really know what to expect, but I am hoping that it is similar to the program that I volunteered for back home with special needs kids. All that I really know about this trip is that I cannot wait to go! And I need to pack, but that’s not what I’m blogging about. My team is awesome, and everyone seems just as excited as I am for a break that looks like it will be a perfect combination of fun and fulfilling. As for me, I am looking forward to continuing the work with special needs kids that I miss so much from my time back home. For one of our pre-service events, we went to a Best Buddies event near Valentine’s Day, which reminded me of the joy I get from helping kids with special needs. I have been looking forward to this trip all year, and cannot believe that it is finally time to leave for this amazing trip!

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