Day before ASB Tennessee!!!!

It’s the day before we leave for Tennessee and I’m running around doing last minute packing (more like packing I have yet to start…). I can’t believe the trip is here already! I am more than excited to be on my way. My team members seem great but I can’t wait to become much closer with all of them as our trip progresses. I am mostly looking forward to interacting with members of the Cherokee nation! I have rarely spoken or worked with a culture unfamiliar from my own, therefore I cannot wait to immerse myself in the Cherokee culture. Exploring and learning about other cultures is a passion of mine which is why I wanted to be included in this trip so badly! I can’t wait to come back with a greater sense of knowledge about the world around me, specifically, the different practices, beliefs, spiritualities and everything else related to Cherokee culture! And finally, I am looking forward to doing service in the National Parks, exploring the wilderness and working with the Cherokee Senior Citizens! One small, secret thing I am looking forward to?: At least one night, laying under the stars. No street lights. No big cities. No nearby pollution clouding up the sky. Just pitch black space and the clearest, most beautiful view of the milky way I have ever seen.

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