Pura Vida

A week has already passed since our wonderful experience at La Gran Vista farm in Costa Rica. I believe through our ten day service trip, our group got a lot closer for a great cause. The leadership of Donald Villalobos, our community partner was integral for the development of our experience because he really tried to provide us with multiple projects and also gave us a fresh perspective on what sustainability really means on a farm and the world around us.

On this experience, we learned about sustainable agricultural practices and how to reduce global impacts of harmful farming practices. As a diverse group of students, we not only learned how the world around us is connected but also got hands on experience. What I enjoyed the most about our trip were the conversations we had while working in the field. Working together under the sun gave us the opportunity to discuss topics about sustainability, education, globalism, and other topics with a more open perspective. I definitely grew from this experience and hope to be able to apply it back on campus.

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