Costa Rica: Pre-Trip Post

We still have quite a while until we depart to Costa Rica, but I’m already so excited. Trying to explain this trip to my family throughout the holidays has only made me even more eager!

There will so much to do at La Gran Vista, including maintaining the medicinal herb plot, building new cabins for future volunteers, soil remediation, and even maintaining and safeguarding a manmade frog pond.

I am however a little worried about the drinking water situation. Our water supply will not be filtered or bottled, so it’s kinda risky in my opinion. Therefore, in addition to a water bottle that has a built in filter, I also purchased a LifeStraw. Winning numerous awards, including the best invention of 2005 and the first Award for Responsible Capitalism in 2011, the LifeStraw is a revolutionary product that has been praised world wide for providing safe and affordable drinking water for developing nations.

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