Hi everybody!

Yesterday (Sunday) we did our first service project at Children’s Playtime Project where we cleaned a playroom for children who live in this homeless shelter. We re-organized and sanitized the playroom in two hours and were excited about how much we accomplished. We worked with two volunteers that have been with the project for years and their dedication to the project was evident. We walked to Capitol Hill and went to the Museum of Natural History.

Today (Monday) we traveled to the Brightwood Campus of Center City Charter Schools, which was founded three years ago. We were each assigned a classroom where we acted as teacher aides and had different responsibilities. The kids were extremely welcoming and the teachers were appreciative of the help. I had the kindergarten class and loved the kids. The experience highlighted many of the themes covered in the documentary “Waiting for Superman,” which was amazing (Sam and I may have cried a lot).

In the afternoon, we went to the Boys and Girls Butler-Wyatt Club and although a lot of the kids were outside, we had a lot of fun we with the few kids who were inside. Caitlin D may have been crushed  in a chess game by an 11 year old. But he was an awesome chess player.

Jocelyn has been crutching around and is such a trooper despite her torn ACL. The days are really busy and we’re already delirious but we’ve been making good food, having a lot of laughs, and doing some really interesting service.

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