International Trips are on their way!

The Nicaragua and Ecuador trips arrived safely yesterday evening in Miami, FL, where they spent the night. We are glad they have avoided any snow delays.

The Nicaragua team will depart from Miami this evening at 7:00pm on American Airlines flight 985. They are expected to arrive in Managua at 8:40pm, where Witness for Peace personnel will be waiting for them.

The Ecuador team will depart from Miami this afternoon at 2:55 pm on American Airlines flight 1787. They are expected to arrive in Quito at 7:00pm, where a bus has been booked to bring them to their service site with Fundecoipa.

If you are interested in receiving e-mail updates on the travel of the Nicaragua/Ecuador ASB teams, contact me at

ASB is thrilled to send such spectacular teams on experiences that will help team members to develop as active citizens.


Alyssa Smith, ASB President

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