Three days of pictures from DC

I’m well behind posting pictures from our trip because we’ve had limited wireless access, but tonight our trip coordinator brought us to Tropicana Eatery–she’s taken us to a different ethnic restaurant each night–that has free wi-fi. Thankfully, I had a few days in the queue ready to post, though they’re not all captioned…yet.

Monday pics

We started the day at the senior daycare center, Downtown Cluster’s Geriatric Day Care Center, and finished the day in an”urban plunge.” Thankfully, Monica posted a group reflection for us a few days ago.

Tuesday pics

We visited Food and Friends and The Fishing School along with a brief stop to lunch at the Basilica – The National Shrine. Thanks to Steph for posting our group reflection.

Wednesday pics

We worked rather hard today at Charlie’s Place, a breakfast serving place for the homeless, and at Martha’s Table, a place that provides food and clothing to families. Two amazing places.

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