Like a drive in an unknown territory that has multiple detours, this season of higher education has involved taking different paths for the sake of academic continuity. One group of support staff playing an important role in these efforts is educational developers. As a fellow educational developer,  I have deep gratitude and respect towards you, my colleagues who continue to provide leadership and stability in seemingly ever-changing instructional scenarios. I appreciate your continued sharing of ideas and resources and collegiality.  Your collaboration has been top-notch, and you are among the most giving people that I know. This professional culture and a love for teaching and learning is what initially drew me towards this field.

Given that teaching and learning are core components of institutional missions and activities, you will continue to make impacts that are at the heart of the institution’s core functions. You are anchors, gifting support whether or not the tides of teaching and learning change. During the pandemic, you may have found yourself moving from the sidelines to being part of the starting lineup and more integrated within the strategic efforts of your college and university. Although the tides continue to change, your anchors are strong and stable, even during the most challenging of times. Your efforts are valued.

As the tides calm down, although the storm is not yet over, reflect on the good work that you do in supporting instructors. You entered this profession for a reason. Hold onto it, and revisit it continually to stay inspired.  You are an anchor.