Below is a working schedule of reading assignments and the major writing assignments for the semester. Details about weekly reading and writing assignments and co-curricular events will be posted on Moodle, so be sure that you check there on a regular basis.

Week 1 / Introductions: Why Dogs?
Field Trip to the Canine Learning Experience. Check Moodle for details.

Weeks 2-3 / Inside of a Dog
Horowitz, Inside of a Dog
Quinn, Dog On It
Introductory WA Meetings (a sign-up schedule will be posted on Moodle)
Skillman Library: Finding sources for your research project (sign up on Moodle)
Due: Choices for owner interview and research project

Weeks 4-5 / Psychoanalytic Paradigms
Selections from Knapp, Pack of Two; Masson, Dogs Never Lie about Love, Freud and Jung
Westminster Dog Show
Work-in-progress discussions, research questions and annotated working bibliography due.
Dog owner interviews recorded.

Week 6 / Do Dogs Love Us?
Budiansky, The Truth about Dogs
Evolution narratives
Audacity Workshop (Skillman Library)
Due: 10 pp draft of your research paper.
WA Meetings

Week 7 / Introduction to Ethical Issues
Brief history of animal ethics
Due: Midterm portfolio (including revised draft, updated bibliography, preliminary analysis of your owner interview, field notebook)


Week 8 / Ethical Issues, cont.
Film: Pedigree Dogs Exposed

Weeks 9-10 / Evolutionary and Genetic Record
Bradshaw, Dog Sense; Selections from Darwin; Selections from Coppinger, Dogs: A New Understanding
Due: Draft of your podcast

Week 11 / What History Teaches Us
Derr, A Dog’s History of America (Selections)
Draft of your research poster
WA Meetings (sign-up schedule posted on Moodle)

Week 12 / Giving Dogs the Last Woof
Auster, “Mr. Bones”
Selections from Unleashed: Poems by Writers’ Dogs
Complete draft of your research paper due.
Speaker:  Julie Hecht (Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab)  Evening Lecture and noon-1 discussion.  Both sections.
WA Meetings

Weeks 13-14 / Course Wrap-up and Conclusions
Final draft of your research poster due.
Campus Dog Show!
Final portfolios due