How do I submit something?

Email themarquis@lafayette.edu with the work (pdf or word doc, for photos and written pieces) as the attachment.  Please remember to not put your name on it (all submissions must be read and voted on anonymously first, then we will attach your name to it when we publish), and please add a title for each piece (we are firm believers that everything deserves a title, as shown in our lovely table of contents).

When and where are meetings?

Meetings this year are Thursdays, from 5-6 pm EST. Due to COVID-19, we will be meeting virtually through Zoom. If you would like a link to our meetings, join our email list and we will send you one weekly.

How can I join the email list?

You can simply email themarquis@lafayette.edu that you would like to join.

Who owns my work?

You do!  The agreement you enter by submitting your work is as follows: By submitting to The Marquis, you are granting us the permission to publish your work in any format (print, online, and any other form) under the title and name you have submitted to us. You retain full ownership of your work and maintain the right to publish elsewhere. If you do not agree to these terms, please opt out of publication.