The most important stuff

This page needs a better title, but it will do for now.

This is a list of the characteristics that I see as the sine qua non of good academic writing. I hope to develop each of these and maybe provide some examples.

  • strong, specific, relevant details
  • show, don’t tell
  • reasons for believing
  • directed attention

Academic writing is a kind of dialect of written English. It’s the dialect used by academics–those who are involved in teaching, learning, research, and other endeavors aimed toward increasing knowledge. It’s used by these folks in a specific setting we call academia. Especially in scholarly journals. An apprentice version of it used by undergrads. (not really; let’s complicate that assumption), textbooks, academic assessments (like term papers, essay exams, etc.).

In the broadest sense, it’s about joining a conversation and keeping it going: the Burkean Parlor.