Conference Proceedings

Transforming STEM to STEAM (Work In Progress): How A Traditionally Run STEM Camp Successfully Incorporated The Arts Into Its Framework” (with Arthur D. Kney, Matthew Marlin, and Xiaoyan Meng). Integrated STEM Education Conference, Princeton, New Jersey. March 2016.

Abstract: Summer learning loss remains an ongoing concern for K12 students. Learning loss varies based on subject matter, with summer learning loss associated with math at the higher end of the scale. Greater effects of summer learning loss are generally associated with lower income families. Additionally, minorities and women remain underrepresented in the STEM Fields. Based on this information and desires to engage with community in effective and scholarly ways, founders of the Lafayette College Summer camp established a summer STEM education venue for young children in 2011. Recognizing that inclusion of the Arts added interest to our general theme and education modules, and served to enhance our education messaging, STEM Camp became STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Math) Camp in 2014. An additional highlight of this camp is the fact that the leadership, ideas, design and organization of all modules is a production led by two undergraduates, one student majoring in Arts-Humanities and a second majoring Science-Engineering. A group of volunteers made up of faculty, local K12 teachers, college and high school students, and community members, support all camp activities throughout the four-day event. This “Work in Progress” manuscript lays out the structure of the camp, goals and objectives, and assessment strategies, as well as initial formal and informal findings.