Welcome to our neurogenesis website

This site was created by our Advanced Neuroscience class at Lafayette College about our course topic for the semester,  neurogenesis.  On this site you can find out more about neurogenesis, the history of this field including important papers and researchers, the methodology used by researchers in this field and the application of this work to health and medicine.  We also provide a glossary and reference list.  You can also play a neurogenesis game called Netris.  Navigate through this website using the links in the header or the links in the sidebar.

Members of the Advanced Neuroscience class Spring 2010

Christopher Blum, Loretta Cacace, Stephen Conway, Andrea Corpora, Alexander Crespo, Ian Dell, Danielle DiFede, Abraham Goch, Michael Hadley, Karolyn Horn, Natalia Ibanez, Emma Laird, Matthew McGranaghan, Chelsea Michael, Cane Napolitano, Jennifer Nunn, Devin Prowell, Alyssa Wheeler and Elaine Reynolds

Welcome to Advanced Neuroscience: Neurogenesis

Header Image:  Corey Seehus, Brain Cells Inc, USA, obtained from FlickR

This image represents human neural stem cells from fetal cortex. Cells are stained for nuclear (Hoechst, blue), neuronal (TUJ-1, red), and neural progenitor (Nestin, green) markers. Images are acquired using the InCell Analyzer 1000™. The images taken from this assay are analyzed using the Developer Toolbox™ software.  This image is one of many taken from BCI’s growing platform of human neural stem cell differentiation assays. BCI uses this assay along with several others in its neurogenesis platform to identify clinical-stage compounds, novel targets and compounds optimal for CNS indications.