Important Docs (Fall 2020)

Description of System

The TSI board is partitioned into two sections, TSV (Tractive System Voltage) and GLV (Grounded Low Voltage). Isolators are used to pass signals between both sections while keeping them galvanically isolated.  The TSV part of the board communicates and passes signals to the pre-charge relay, the discharge relay, a bus bar current sensor, the motor controller and the motor itself. The GLV part of the board receives 24V from the GLV BOB and passes them to other systems such as dashboard, battery packs cooling, IMD and braking. The GLV section of the board is also responsible for the routing of the safety loop and its requisite signals.


2020-2021 Team Documents

  • TSI Rev. 5 KiCAD Schematic (PDF) (Last Updated: 2/8/21)
  • TSI Rev. 5 KiCAD PCB (PDF) (Last Updated: 2/9/21)
  • TSI Rev. 5 KiCad Project Download (Google Drive) (Last Updated: 2/9/21)
  • TSI Rev. 5 Errata (PDF) (Last Updated: 2/16/21)
  • TSI Rev. 5 BOM (PDF) (Last Updated: 2/9/21)
  • TSI Rev.4 Firmware: (GIT) (ZIP) (Last Updated: Fall 2020)
  • TSI Rev.4 Drive Mode FSM: (PNG) (Last Updated: Spring 2020)

2019-2020 Team Documents

  • TSI Rev.4 User Manual Draft 1: (PDF)
  • TSI Rev.4 Maintenance Manual: (PDF)
  • TSI Rev.4 Spring 2020 Errata and Future Improvements: (PDF)