The Club

Lafayette Motorsports Club — Fall 2021

  • The new format for 2021-2022 season
  • The club component of the Lafayette Motorsports endeavor is focused on the competition performance of the car. The club is responsible for all non-direct engineering deliverables to get the car to competition. The club has the ability to direct the senior design team to generate sound, well documented, engineering solutions as needed.
    • In the first year of this new structure, the Senior Design Team is responsible for creating an enduring understanding of all current subsystems in order to properly integrate the club.
    • Once the club has been integrated into a certain subsystem, the senior design members on that subsystem are free to preform R&D for their subsystem for the following year’s car. (ie. redesigning the chassis or developing a new data acquisition system)
  • The senior design team will assist the club in all engineering and design requirements in order to produce a rules-compliant car.
    • As the club runs into challenges that require senior-level engineering skills and know how the club has the ability to request additional support in order to complete deliverables by competition deadlines.

Senior Engineers

Senior Design Team — Fall 2021

Motivation for Senior Design

The senior design team is an R&D team assigned the task of assisting the club in achieving a rules compliant car for the Formula Hybrid competition in May. This years team is tasked with continuing and completing the work of seniors that came before us. This includes ensuring that the entire car is rules compliant, designing or redesigning elements of the car that are not rules compliant, and creating new designs for future elements of the program. This may include things such as a new chassis, suspension testing equipment, or an entirely new suspension system.  The dynamic between the club and the seniors is comparable to that of a client and an engineering firm. In the long run, the club will assign the senior team deliverables and tasks over the course of the year. This will allow the club to focus on their current car while new parts or tests are developed by the most experienced engineers available. In its first year of existence this dynamic does not entirely exist yet. The senior design team will work with the club to establish a concrete flow of information with the club in hopes that practices and ideas that are put in place this year will carry over to future teams.

Leadership Structure:

Management Structure for 2021-2022

Our leadership structure consists of a four person management working group– two project managers and two technical leads. Our project managers are responsible for monitoring the status of the Senior Design Team’s budget, the ordering of Senior Design necessitated parts, running the Wednesday management meetings, managing an overall Gantt chart/schedule for the car, and ensuring proper documentation is occurring. The technical leads coordinate with individual subsystems to ensure progress is being made on deliverables as well as coordinating with the Lafayette Motorsports club to ensure that club integration is occurring.

Our Project Managers:

Matthew Post

Ally Phelan

Our Technical Leads:

Eli Crippen – Electrical Lead

Max Faulkner – Mechanical Lead

Our Engineers:

Daniel Carroll Tafita Rakoto Kyle Picut
Marwa Saleh Harry Ma Marc Kraushaar
Taylor Strong Kaizhao Liu James Kiley
Justin Wu Justin Kogasaka Will Huffenus
Perry Yam Christian Hollar Grant Hartman
Jimmy Zignorski Kyle Flanagan