Overall Mechanical Goals:
  • Main Goals for the Chassis
    • Develop a design for the cross-bracing on the side impact zone.
    • Develop a design for the side pods that allows for easy access to the battery packs.
    • Complete chassis fabrication by the end of the semester
    • Develop a new design for a future chassis to be integrated with an upgraded suspension design
  • Testing Goals
    • Test the chassis in a simulation to determine its reaction under specified loading conditions.
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  • Main Goals for Suspension
    • Model possible adjustments to find optimal arrangement of rear tie rod
    • Make necessary adaptations to the system and confirm model with measurements under wheel deflection
    • Develop documentation surrounding suspension design for reference of future generations
    • Develop a new suspension system design that will be integrated into the future chassis (link to chassis goals)
  • Testing Goals
    • Confirm front suspension viability through simulation and physical measurements of the car under wheel deflection
    • Investigate and confirm safety and functionality concerns associated with the rear suspension tie rod
    • Test our adaptation of the current suspension in simulation and physical measurements of the car under wheel deflection
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  • Main Goals for Steering Assembly
    • Model the current design to confirm functionality and safety
    • Develop a working prototype of the system to confirm the model
    • Make adjustments to the current subsystem design as necessary depending on the results of our measurements
  • Testing Goals
    • Perform a low-speed test on a rolling chassis by December 10, 2021 (link)
    • Achieve TRL level 8 with a successful high-speed test to confirm functionality
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  • Main Goals for the Drivetrain 
    • Fitting the drivetrain onto the chassis
    • Secure correct length half shafts
    • Manufacture stainless steel scatter shield and mesh finger guard around the drivetrain.
    • Fitting all the electronic components with the motor.
    • Design a strain relief plate for the electronic.
    • Testing the motor with the motor controller in the dyno room.
    • Develop an improved drivetrain for future implementation
  • Testing Goals
    • Develop tests that more accurately represent the gear ratio in a controlled environment
    • Confirm the motor pasts all the safety requirements including a waterproof test for electronic components.
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Cooling System
  • Main Goals for the Cooling System
    • Make sure the temperature and flow sensors are calibrated to measure the water’s temperature and flow rate accurately
    • The cooling system is capable of keeping the temperatures of the motor and motor controller at acceptable levels
    • Improve the cooling capabilities if necessary while retaining what has already been implemented in the cooling system
    • Improve the mounting of the fan to the radiator
    • Develop an improved cooling system and efficiency for future implementation
  • Testing Goals
    • Develop tests that more accurately represent the heat produced by the motor and motor controller in a controlled environment
    • Confirm the necessary heat transfer rate of the cooling system to remove the heat produced by both motor and motor controller before the competition
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  • Main Goals for Braking System

    • Confirm brakes are functioning in static test on the car
    • Develop current braking model to include (Matlab Model)
    • Perform low-speed flat ground test to confirm functionality (link)
    • Achieve TRL level 8 with a full-speed test of the braking system in Metzgar (Link)
  • Testing Goals
    • Design a way to perform a static test of the braking system with the car in the shop. (Either on the ground or on jacks)
Overall Electrical Goals:
  • Main Goals for CarMan

    • Spin the motor by the end of January 2022.
    • Full system integration in the Dyno Room by March 2022.
    • Integration onto the car by competition.
  • Testing Goals
    • Investigate the flicker of the SSOK lights to see if it is a problem
Battery Pack
  • Main Goals for the Battery Pack
    • Design a Battery Pack that is rules compliant and able to be safely and securely attached to the chassis
    • Get PacMan fully integrated with the SCADA system and able to support cell recharging
    • Get CellMan fully integrated with PacMan controls and make sure it can support cell balancing
    • Design a display that is able to update in real-time to show measurements taken from CellMan
  • Main Goals for the SCADA
    • Make and maintain the software to read inputs from i2C, Parallel I/O and CAN protocol and display them on the CarMan user interface
    • Propose and implement an implementation that would improve sampling frequency (if agreed by the two technical leads)
    • Finish the postprocessing module that was not done by the previous year
  • Testing Goals
    • Read the multiple sensors with different protocols at the same and verify if each sensors are displayed accurately
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