About Sparky

Lafayette Motorsports started construction on Sparky after successfully competing in 2018. Sparky’s mission was to build on the previous design which had placed fourth and make a competitive car. Sparky is still under development today.

Sparky Overview

The interconnect subsystem is responsible for the connection of all subsystems using rules compliant cabling and connectors that run in between each subsystem and make the car operational.

LFEV Full car Electrical System Diagram

carman batteries dash cooling motor frame drivetrain suspension steering interconnect dyno scada tsi glv relay


Interactive Sparky Overview

Explore Sparky and it’s components by clicking the name of a subsystem for more information.


The top-level interconnectivity of the car is visualized in the LFEV Full car Electrical System Diagram shown below.

LCFSAE Car Electrical System Diagram v2.1.4

For specific information about connections outlined in the LCFSAE, reference the LCFSAE Electrical System Instance Wiring List.