Formula Car Top Level

Full Car Inventor Model

Full Car assembly file



FullCarV1.5.1   New Rear Frame installed. Uploaded Nov. 9, 2020

FullCarV1.4      Reflects SES and ESF-1 submissions. Uploaded Oct. 19, 2020

FullCarV1.3      Drivetrain installed. Uploaded Oct. 17, 2020

FullCarV1.2      Firewall added. Uploaded Oct. 15, 2020

FullCarV1.1      Seat and harness mounting installed. Uploaded Oct. 13, 2020


Interconnect is the connection of all subsystems through proper cabling and connectors on each enclosure with the purpose of providing guidelines of how the car functions on a higher scale. Cabling and other interface systems must be rules compliant and be able to drive in certain conditions using strain relief and waterproofing.

LFEV Full Car Electrical System Diagram

LCFSAE Car Electrical System Diagram v2.2.0

Interconnect Bill of Materials

LCFSAE Sparky Interconnect BOM



TSI Board

Relay Board

GLV Board

         –Logic Board

Battery Packs

Battery based power system responsible for providing adequate and accurate current supply to the vehicle.

Driver Display

The dashboard display provides indicators to the driver regarding the status of the vehicle.

VSCADA (Vehicle Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

The VSCADA system stores, displays, and reacts to sensor data.

Cooling System

Provides cooling to the motor/motor controller and keeps it at a safe operating temperature

Motor/Motor Controller

Takes throttle signals and high voltage to input control signal to the motor





DYNO (Dynamometer)

Device for measuring force torque, rotational speed, and power of a motor which provides simulated road loading of the motor. It is used to test the interaction of electrical systems before actual integration in the car and controlled by software which also records dyno data to be investigated for further modification of certain components on the car.