Technical Readiness Level Definition

Nasa Technology Readiness Levels

Using Nasa’s “Technology Readiness Level” chart the team has devised a way to keep track of each individual subsystem as the project moves forward. This is going to be done using the Nasa chart as inspiration with “Technical Readiness Levels”. These numbers 1-9 define how “ready” a system is for competition. A Level 1 will mean that the system is in the very first stages of development or is simply an idea, while a Level 9 will mean that the components have participated in competition and performed as they were expected to.

Using these definitions each subsystem will create a schedule to motivate their development of their system. As the semester moves forward, the team will meet weekly as a group and be updated as to the status of each the sub-systems TRL, with the intention of ever subsystem achieving a Level 8 two weeks prior to the competition (Level 8 is the highest possible before components are tested at competition). This scheduling combined with the TRL definitions will allow measurable and consistent development of each individual subsystem as well as being able to measure how close the car is to being “ready” to compete as a complete package.