Dynamometer Test Stand

Dyno Room Electrical System Diagram – V.1.1.7

The Dynamometer in AEC room 401 represents an overall systems-level test stand for the LFEV. The Dynamometer allows all the electromechanical subsystems of the car to be tested is a fully integrated assembly including a spinning motor, throttle, and brakes, without the hazard of a moving vehicle test.

User Manual

Interconnect  User Manual (.pdf)

Interconnect User Manual (.docx)

High-Level Block Diagram

Dyno Electrical System Diagram

Miscellaneous Electrical Documentation

emDrive 500 Motor Controller User Manuel: PDF



Previous Designs


Dyno Room

High Level Block Diagram (PDF) (Visio)

Poster (PDF)

HuffBox Documentation (2015 Website)

Dyno Value Datasheet (PDF)

Dyno/Car Startup Checklist: (PDF) (Excel)