This page is a repository for resources that may be helpful in designing/maintaining the car.


Rules for the 2021 season: 2021-Formula-Hybrid-Rules Compressed V16 

Formula Hybrid Website: Competition Website

Statement of Work (SOW)

The is the 2020 statement of work laid out by the Lafayette College Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Statement of Work


The Dynamometer in AEC room 401 represents an overall systems-level test platform for LFEV. For more information click here


Github Link

The Lafayette FSAE Github page holds the firmware used in the car and many schematics/PCB layouts used. It also generally contains installation instructions for creating a development environment on a local machine. 


Website Style & Structure Guide : 

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Other Resources

Here’s a list of acronyms commonly used by the team: Acronyms

Here is Lafayette Motorsports’ Safety Plan: PDF


Recommendations on how to use KiCad and maintain a workflow: PDF

TSI Schematic Libraries: (zip)

These libraries are used in the TSI Board schematic and PCB layout.

General Schematic Libraries: (Git)

Spice Models

Spice Models: (Git)

These libraries are used in multiple subsytems, including battery packs