This page is a repository for resources that may be helpful in designing/maintaining the car.

Formula SAE Student Events

This page links to the competition website. Click here to go to the FSAE student page.

Formula SAE Lincoln

This page links to FSAE Lincoln, the competition that Lafayette Formula Vehicle competes in. Click here for more information.


The Dynamometer in AEC room 401 represents an overall systems-level test platform for LFEV. For more information click here


Github Link

The Lafayette FSAE Github page holds the firmware used in the car and many schematics/PCB layouts used. It also generally contains installation instructions for creating a development environment on a local machine. 


Website Style & Structure Guide : 

Click here to edit the website.


Here is Lafayette Motorsports’ Safety Plan: PDF

Other Resources

Here’s a list of acronyms commonly used by the team: Acronyms


Recommendations on how to use KiCad and maintain a workflow: PDF

TSI Schematic Libraries: (zip)

These libraries are used in the TSI Board schematic and PCB layout.

General Schematic Libraries: (Git)

Spice Models

Spice Models: (Git)

These libraries are used in multiple subsytems, including battery packs