Lithium-Ion Battery Charging System

“Each battery pack on the electric vehicle consists of 16 LiFeMnPO4 prismatic cells in series. The team would like to be able to charge the battery packs without having to disassemble the structure to charge each cell individually. A test bench using UltraFire cylindrical cells is used to test the charging properties of the lithium-ion cells before attempting to discharge and charge the prismatic cells.”

See the full documentation here


  • Check out the Brake Sub-System page for more information on the work that has been accomplished. This sub-system has been handed off to the club for continued integration into the chassis.

Electrical Inventory

An inventory sheet for the electrical (and some mechanical) parts has been started and can be found here. The inventory involves a new part designation system which will make it easier to keep track of where parts are and help students find individual parts they need.

Mid-Year Posters

Posters for the various parts of the car have been created for the end of the semester. A google drive folder of them may be found here.