The PacMan and CellMan are our battery pack management system and our cell management system respectively.

PacMan and CellMan TRL Chart

TRL What does this look like? Expected Completion Date
9 Packs have been used in a competition setting. Race Day
8 There is full integration with the car (CellMan-PacMan interface, PacMan-SCADA interface, TSV power). 4/22/22
7 There is full integration between CellMan and PacMan and electrical subsystems with SCADA via CANOpen bus along with cabling integration with TSV. 3/2/22
6 CellMan and PacMan integration allows for communication using I2C and charging capabilities have been tested/verified. 12/15/21
5 CellMan and PacMan boards can operate independently with measurement and display capabilities. 11/17/21
4 CellMan and PacMan boards can be programmed and operate independently. 10/27/21
3 Fabrication of prototype boards is completed and SPICE simulations or KiCAD simulations have been run as necessary. Completed
2 Inventor files and KiCAD files have been populated. Completed
1 Electrical subsystems have been designed (how many boards, hardware hierarchy, communications) as well as the functional contributions of each subsystem. Completed