Description of System

The Logic board houses 2 computers: a PIC32 microcontroller and a Raspberry PI 3B. The PIC32 controls the cooling system, drive state, and communicates with various sensors to send data to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is used to run the SCADA system, which collects data from sensors all across the car, some of which are the Real Time Clock module and Inertial Measurement Unit connected directly to the Logic board. This data is monitored to determine whether the SCADA system should interrupt the safety loop and shut the car down. The data is also formatted and displayed so it can be monitored by users.


2020-2021 Team Documents

Logic Rev. 2 Design


  • Logic Rev. 2 KiCAD Schematic (PDF) (Final Update: 5/14/21)
  • Logic Rev. 2 KiCAD PCB (PNG) (Final Update: 5/14/21)
  • Logic Rev. 2 KiCAD Project Download (Google Drive) (Final Update: 5/14/21)
  • Logic Rev. 2 BOM (PDF) (Final Update: 5/14/21)


  • Drive Mode FSM (PNG) (Last Updated: 4/14/21)
  • Logic PIC Firmware (GIT) (ZIP) (Last Updated: Spring 2021)


  • Logic Rev. 2 Maintenance Manual (PDF) (Last Updated: 5/28/21)
  • Logic Rev. 2 Errata (PDF) (Last Updated: 5/28/21)

Additional Resources

  • CarMan GitHub (LINK)
  • Logic Design Archive (LINK)