Description of System

The GLV system provides low voltage power to the FSAE car. It consists of a 24V LiFePO4 battery and a breakout board (BOB). The BOB connects directly to the battery and provides breakered power to the TSI and Logic boards, cooling system, battery packs, and lights on the dashboard. The BOB also measures and reports GLV voltage and current usage to the SCADA system. The PCB is housed on the top shelf of the CarMan enclosure.


2020-2021 Team Documents

GLV Rev.7 Design


  • GLV Rev.7 KiCAD Schematic (PDF) (Final Update: 5/14/21)
  • GLV Rev.7 KiCAD PCB (JPG) (Final Update: 5/14/21)
  • GLV Rev.7 KiCAD Project Download (Google Drive) (Final update: 5/14/21)


  • GLV Rev.7 BOM (PDF) (Last Updated: 4/28/21)
  • GLV Rev.6 Test Plan (PDF) (Last Updated: 2/16/21)
  • GLV Rev.7 Maintenance Manual (PDF) (Last Updated:5/28/21)

    Additional Sources

    • CarMan GitHub (LINK)
    • GLV Design Archive (LINK)