Description of System

CarMan (Car Manager) is comprised of four boards designed to handle a multitude of tasks. The GLV (Grounded Low Voltage) board provides low voltage power to various subsystems within the vehicle. LOGIC houses 2 computers that acquires and displays data, controls the cooling system, and determines when the car is able to drive. The TSI (Tractive System Interface) board houses parts of the shutdown circuit, isolates high voltage signals that are passed onto LOGIC, and controls relays that determine the pre-charge and discharge of the motor. The Relay board delivers the high voltage from the battery packs to the motor.


2020-2021 Team Documents

General Documentation

  • CarMan GitHub (LINK)
  • CarMan Lab Inventory (PDF) (Last Updated: 3/1/21)
  • CarMan ICD & Wiring Table (PDF) (Last Updated: 4/19/21)
  • Safety Loop Diagram v. 12.5.1 (PDF) (Last Updated: 4/20/21)
    • Link to view & comment on Lucidchart: (LINK)
    • Visio Document on Drive: (LINK)
  • Carman 2021 Poster (PDF) (Last Updated: 5/20/21)
  • Carman 2021 Poster (PPTX) (Last Updated: 5/20/21)
  • Safety Loop Test Results/Procedure:
    • TSI Rev. 6 Test Plan Safety Loop Test Results (PDF) (Last Updated: 5/24/21)
    • TSI Rev. 6 Dyno Test AIRS Voltage (PDF) (Last Updated: 5/24/21)
    • TSI Rev. 6 GLV Measurements At SL Breaker (PDF) (Last Updated: 5/24/21)
  • Safety Loop Demo Link: Click Me!

Enclosure Documentation

      CarMan Subsystem Links

      KiCAD Schematics, PCB Layouts, and Bills of Material can be accessed at each of the board’s corresponding pages: