Battery Packs and Accumulator Management System

Fully Assembled Pack

The TSV subsystem delivers high voltage power to the FSAE vehicle in order to power it. Each of the two packs in the vehicle supply about 54V through 16 LiFePO4 battery cells which are each monitored through the accumulator management system (AMS). The AMS consists of a pack manager (PacMan) and 16 cell manager (CellMan) system boards, one per cell. The two packs are wired in series to provide ~108 V to the assembled accumulator system. The subsystem interacts with other car subsystems via data acquisition through CANOpen and via the vehicle’s safety loop.

Battery Pack Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram editing

Safety Diagram

Spring 2021 Subsystem Team Poster


Mechanical Test Plans


User Manual


Maintenance Manual


Full Pack BOM

Electrical: PDF

Mechanical: Complete Battery Parts List

Pack Errata

2021-2022 Team, Start Here! Updated 5/19/2021
MechE Battery Pack Errata

ECE Battery Pack Errata

Mechanical Documentation

Link to the Inventor Files in Google Drive: Updated 5/19/2021

Pack Assembly Video

Refer here in the high level drawing section for full mechanical drawings and inventor files located in the CompleteAssembly/2019-2020Complete/TSV/FinalPackAssembly

AMS Board Documentation

PacMan CellMan
Schematic: 1.0 – PDF 2.2 – PDF
1.2 – PDF
1.3 – PDF
1.3 – PDF

Updated Naming

PCB Layout: 1.0 – PDF 2.2 – PDF
1.2 – PDF
1.3 – PDF
BOM: 1.0 – Excel 2.2 – PDF
1.2 – Excel 2.2 – CSV
1.3 – Excel
Firmware: GitHub GitHub
Render: 1.0 – PNG 2.2 – PNG
1.2 – PNG
1.3 – PNG
KiCad Project: GitHub GitHub


The firmware for the packs is written in Arduino to reduce the development time and learning curve for new developers. The latest code can always be found at the Lafayette-FSAE Github or by specifically going to the PacMan Firmware Repository.

The Getting Started and further documentation is located on the Github’s README file (which is presented to the visitor when accessing the repo). A copy of the code & binary file from: April 14th, 2020 can be found directly here: PacManFirmware-master

Block Diagram: 

Packman_Software _Block _Diagram

Test Plan:

Pacman Test PlanV2

Additional Electrical Documentation

  • Display Tutorial:  MP4
  • Display Design 1.6: PNG
  • Object Dictionary: XDD
  • I2C Documentation: PDF
  • Pre-built RaspberryPi Firmware w/ Arduino IDE & Firmware from 4/5/20: .7z File
  • Fuse Calculations: PDF