2021 EPAL Design

EPAL, or External Panels and Lights, encompasses the Dashboard, Cockpit Panel, the Side Panels on the exterior of the car, along with external lights stated within the rules. Below are all of the designs outlined through the use of various wiring diagrams, PCB assemblies, and inventor models.

2021 EPAL Documents:

Design Reviews: (Link)

PCBv1.0: (Dash Schematic PDF V1.0) (Dash Layout V1.0) (PCB BOM V1.0)

Wiring Diagrams: (ButtonArrayDiagramPDF) (DashboardDiagramPDF) (leftPanelDiagramPDF)(rightPanelDiagramPDF)

KiCAD Download: (FrontDashKiCAD Download)

Inventor Downloads: (Side Panel Inventor Models 1/27)

Front Dash Software Block Diagram: (PDF)


EPAL Current Inventory (Posted 3/4/21)

1. Front Dashboard

The Front Dashboard acts as the main source of information about car for the driver. This assembly consists of a Raspberry Pi 5″ display that displays information such as the speed, battery life, and other warnings not expressed on the LED indicators. The PCB within the Front Dash encompasses the safety loop LEDs as well as fault LEDs required in the rules. These include: IMD Fault, AMS Fault, High Voltage (HV), Grounded Low Voltage (GLV), General Fault, Safety (SAFE), AIRS. The fault lights will be red to indicate an error and the safety loop lights will be green to indicate that the safety loop is operating properly. Below are the current designs for the Front Dashboard.

Dashboard PCB V1.0

1.4 Front Dash Software Design

2. Button Array

The Button Array includes the drive button, reset button, and the emergency stop button. These are wired to CarMan who can then process the inputs and apply them to the safety loop. The drive button is LED illuminated when it is pressed to indicate the car is ready to drive.

2.1 Button Array Inventor Models

Cockpit Buttons( Cockpit Buttons+Front Dash Display )









2.2 Button Array Wiring Diagram

3. Side Panels

The two side panels contain the two master switches for the operation of the car, all three reset buttons listed on the safety loop, both side mounted emergency stops, and both side mounted Safety System Okay lights. These panels are mounted in the top of the rear triangle, at the driver’s head level when seated in the car.

3.1 Side Panel Inventor Models

Right Side Panel

Right Side Panel design, placed in the full car model w/ all components and dimensions updated 2/7/21

Left Side Panel

Left Side Panel design, placed in the full car model w/ all components and dimensions updated 2/7/21

3.2 Side Panel Part Drawings

Part drawings for manufacture of side panels, updated and approved 2/11/21

Right Side Panel

Left Side Panel


Manufacturing Files used to waterjet cut the side panels, created 2/11/21

Right Side Panel

Left Side Panel

3.4  Side Panel Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams last updated  Oct. 18th (?)

Side Panel Testing Memos:

Side Panels Testing Memo 1

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