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2019-2020 Documentation

The cooling system provides water cooling for the motor and motor controller.

User Manual

Version (2)

Maintenance Manual

Version (3)

Mechanical Documentation

CoolMan User Manual

Refer here in the high level drawing section for full mechanical drawings and inventor files located in the CompleteAssembly/2019-2020Complete/CoolingShelf

Bill of Materials

*OUTDATED* Fall 2019 PDF

Miscellaneous Electrical Documentation

  • Pump Diagram: PDF
  • Pump 3D Model: zip
  • Temperature Sensor Datasheet: PDF
  • Flow Sensor Datasheet: PDF

Previous Designs



Spring 2019 Block Diagram: (PDF)

Wiring Diagram: (PDF)

Fall 2018 Bill of Materials: (Excel)(PDF)

ICD: (Excel)( PDF)