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Diagram of the 2020-2021 Steering System Design

The steering team is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and implementing a steering control system that contains three major subsections. The first and most important is the steering rack control itself. The above diagram contains the apparatus from the steering wheel and the transmission elements culminating in the steering rack itself, including a rack and pinion actuator and control arms. The mounts on the end of each control arm also attach to the wheel hubs to pull the wheels in either direction to turn.

The design objective of this system is to give the driver control of direction using the front two wheels and locking the rear wheels, as well as provide a minimum of a 9 meter turning diameter on a hairpin turn for FSAE Rules compliance. Bump steer was also designed to be minimal by providing the most direct path possible from the actuator to the control arm mounts. The full system was able to be assembled in the car, however, it could not be tested for the 9 meter turning diameter compliance.


Diagram of the 2020-2021 Steering System Assembly

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