Completed Pedals

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As you can see, we are proud this year to present a fully finished Pedals Assembly. Although testing has not been done as we were not ready for brake fluid to be introduced into the system, the calipers are clean inside and have had some needed parts ordered to complete them.

The design utilizes two master cylinders, for the rear and front wheels separately. These are connected in the middle by the brake pedal which can be adjusted to send a larger percentage of the braking force through one of the master cylinders, while decreasing the braking force on the other.

The design also contains a dead pedal for comfortability, as well as a Brake Over Travel Switch, which (BOT) located in between the two calipers. This BOT would be activated if the master cylinders are fully compressed, acting as a safety unit in case of a brake line pops under pressure and braking power is lost.


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Pedals Assembly

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Pedals Assembly Eratta

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Test Plan

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