2020-2021 Drivetrain System

Tech Ready Level: 3 (9/21/2021)

2020-2021 Drivetrain User Manual

Drivetrain BOM

Drivetrain Summary – Final

Drivetrain System General Overview 2020-2021

Motor Data – Script 

Formula – car calculations and analysis

Gear – ratio calculation and analysis 

Drivetrain Poster (pdf) – Final Presentation

Drivetrain Poster (pptx) – Final Presentation

Initial Tech Readiness Levels: 9/22/21


The drivetrain of the 2021 FSAE car was designed with vehicle performance in mind. The ability to deliver the maximum power and efficiency, as well as remaining as light and stiff as possible. The final drivetrain package is comprised of an Emrax 208 liquid cooled axial flux synchronous motor, eccentric rings for easy chain tensioning, motor shaft support bearings, a flex hub which allows for any angular misalignment of the motor shaft during load, and a limited slip differential to maintain rear wheel independence. A sleek 4 bolt mounting system allows the self-contained drivetrain assembly to easily be removed and installed on the chassis. The entire drivetrain assembly also maintains the ingress protection rating of IP65 in order to pass competition qualifying events. The Emrax 208 provides a nice coupling for a chain driven system, with a single gear ratio, 3:1. The gear ratio was optimized for acceleration and endurance of the vehicle during testing.