Emrax 208 Motor & emDrive 500 Motor Controller

We are using the  Emrax 208 motor and the emDrive 500 motor controller, which are both water-cooled.

User Manuals

emDRIVE Motor Controller

eDRIVE Configurator 

Emrax Motors

Mechanical Documentation

Motor Controller User Manual (1)

Refer here in the high level drawing section for full mechanical drawings and inventor files located in the CompleteAssembly\2019-2020 – Complete\Enclosure\CarMan\Motor Controller

Miscellaneous Electrical Documentation

  • emDrive 500 Data Sheet: PDF
  • emDrive 500 Datat Table: PDF
  • Emsiso Documentation: Link
  • Results of Motor Characterization:
  • Motor Characterization Spreadsheet: Motor Characterization