Tech Ready Level: 3 (9/21/2021)

High-Level Documentation

Cooling System General Overview 2020-2021 PDF

Cooling Maintenance Manual 2020-2021 PDF

Cooling User Manual 2020-2021 PDF

Cooling Final Design Report PDF

FSAE Cooling 2021 Poster PDF

Design Documentation

Cooling Wiring Diagram PDF

Cooling System Fittings Diagram PDF  

Cooling BOM PDF    Cooling BOM EXCEL

Cooling System Inventor Model

Initial Tech Readiness Levels: 9/22/21

Testing Documentation

Cooling Test Data 3/23/21 PDF   Cooling Test Data 3/23/21 EXCEL

Cooling Test Report 3/23/21 PDF

This is the current cooling module, which includes a radiator, fan, pump, temperature sensor, and flow sensor.  These components are all mounted to a triangular plate.  This assembly resides below Carman and in front of the drivetrain.  It is plumbed to the reservoir, motor, and motor controller with 1/2″ flexible tubing.

The above image shows the cooling module and radiator mocked into the rear frame.  Note that the radiator mounting scheme has changed slightly since.  The lower side of the radiator is now mounted to the same member as the front of the drivetrain (visible in the foreground of this image)

Component Data Sheets and Models

Pump Diagram PDF   Pump Model ZIP

Temp Sensor Data Sheet PDF

Flow Sensor Data Sheet PDF

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