Front Left Upright with Wheel Bearing, Hub, Rotor, and Caliper

The braking system currently mounted on the car includes slotted/4 pin mounting style rotors and AP Racing calipers. The rotors mount to our uprights using 4 motorcycle styled floating disk mounts, while the calipers include a dual bolt mount design that fastens directly to the outer upright. Brake line is then ran between the calipers and the master cylinder located behind the brake pedal. Pictured above is a fully constrained upright with braking components.


The main design goals for the braking team was to create a system powerful enough to lock all four wheels while under full power. This design was generated using Matlab code that can be located under the braking subsystem in Google Drive. Given our part sizing, and force applied to the brake pedal, our system can handle 200N of force applied, and in turn will stop the rotation of each wheel given our estimated vehicle weight.


2020-2021 Poster Session

SSB Poster