LFEV – Y11.
Lafayette College Motorsports 2020-2021 is continuing to work on completing the SPARKY car handed down from the 2019-2020 team. Due to COVID-19 the FSAE competition has moved to completely remote. Despite this, the Class of 2020 team has the goal of making it to the SAE Formula Hybrid Vehicle Competition.  We will be heavily using the materials and work of the 2019 year to make this goal feasible.
Jon in a Car LFEV – Y9&Y10.
The Class of 2019 team decided to create a 100% new car. The 2020 team continued their work.
All of their information is available on this website in the archive.

Previous Cars & Almuni


LFEV – Y8.
The Class of 2018 was the first team to make it to the SAE Formula Hybrid Vehicle Competition in the electrical division. We were one of six teams (24 teams in total at competition) to pass a rigorous technical inspection and make it onto the track. We placed 4th and received the Fiat Chrysler Gracious Professionalism Award. This was also the first team to have an on-car SCADA.
Click here to visit their website.Here are two videos of their test drives.
The Class of 2017 team had the first full car integration and driveable car. This design utilized the first 4-pack accumulator system (5.5 kW-h).

The Class of 2016 team had the first fully operation 7 cell pack (1386 W-h) and the first rules compliant safety loop.
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The Class of 2015 was the first team to have fully Dyno integration and first motor. This was also the year of the first useful SCADA. The Department of Mechanical Engineering became involved with the project this year. They assisted with the mechanical design of the battery packs.
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The Class of 2014 had the first 7 cell pack (1386 W-h) design which included the first PackMan and CellMan boards.
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The Class of 2013 team created the first full car design, had the first working safety loop, and first SCADA. Their pack design was a high-current 3-cell pack (594 W-h). 
LFEV – Y1 &Y2
The Class of 2011 had the first working BMS (132 W-h pack).

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