This page documents the CarMan system created by the 2020 LFEV team.

User Manual Spring 2020:

CarMan User Manual Draft 1 – 4/3/2020: (PDF)

Maintenance Manual Spring 2020:

CarMan Maintenance Manual Draft 2 – 4/3/2020: (PDF)

CarMan Maintenance Manual Draft 1: (PDF)

Mechanical Documentation

CarMan User Manual

CarMan Mech (zip)

Refer here in the high level drawing section for full mechanical drawings and inventor files located in the CompleteAssembly/2019-2020Complete/Enclosure

CarMan Interconnectivity Documentation

CarMan ICD v1.2 (PDF)

CarMan ICD Table (PDF)

Additional Electrical Documentation 

CarMan Errata (PDF)

Bill of Materials


  • OUTDATED Bill of Materials V1 (BOM)


Previous Designs


User Manual

Maintenance Manual

Schematics and Layouts

Safety Loop Diagram:
  • Safety Loop v.9: (PDF)
GLV BOB rev.5.1:

(Ordered in 2020, but not assembled)

GLV BOB rev.4.5:

GLV BOB rev.4.4:

(Used in current version of CarMan)

Bill of Materials

  • BOB 4.4 Bill of Materials(PDF) (EXCEL)

Miscellaneous Electrical Documentation

  • BOB 4.4 Current Analysis(PDF) (EXCEL)
  • GLV QA Testing(PDF)
  • Errata and Suggestions(PDF)


Spring 2019
Fall 2018
  • Maintenance Manual: (PDF)
  • Errata: (PDF)
  • Bill of Materials: (PDF) (Excel)
  • GLV QA Testing: (Excel)

GLV Diagrams

GLV Block Diagram

GLV Block Diagram v02 (GLVBOBBlockDiagram02)

Safety Loop Diagram

  • Safety Loop v8 (PDF)
  • Safety Loop v7 (PDF)
  • Safety Loop v6 (PDF)
  • Safety Loop v5 (PDF)

Inter-connectivity Diagram

  • ICDv6: (PDF)
  • Fall 2018 Inter-connectivity documents: (zip)
  • Fall 2018 Diagrams: (zip)

All Spring 2019 diagrams: (zip)

GLV Boards:

GLV BOB rev.5.1:

GLV BOB rev.4.5:

GLV BOB rev.4.4:

GLV BOB rev.4.2:

GLV BOB rev.4.1:

  • Schematic:(PDF)
  • PCB Layout:(PDF)
  • KiCad:(zip)

GLV BOB rev.3.0:

  • Schematic:(PDF)
  • PCB Layout:(PDF)
  • KiCad:(zip )

PiToCan Board rev.1.0:

  • Schematic: (PDF)
  • PCB Layout:(PDF)
  • KiCad:(zip)

Fall 2018 Printed Circuit Board files: (zip)

GLV Mechanical Drawings

  • Spring 2019 Mechanical Drawings: (zip)
  • Fall 2018 Mechanical Designs: (zip)
  • Fall 2018 Panel Designs: (zip)