High Level Diagram: (pdf)

Views from Top, Front and Side


TS part render:


TSV Wiring Schematic: (pdf)

TS Wiring Diagram: (pdf)

CarMan interconnectivity: (pdf)

Safety Loop:

Safety Loop Parts: (pdf)

Airs Location:(pdf)

TSAL Location: (PDF)

TSAL Circuitry:

Location of the SSOK’s: (pdf)

Read to Drive Circuitry:

TSMP Location: (pdf)

TS and GLV separation in Accumulator: (pdf)

Bus Bar Slots: (pdf)

Pack View:

CarMan Isolation: (pdf)

Firewall Location:

Board Min Spacing:

IMD Circuitry:

Power Distribution in the AMS:

PacMan Isolation: (pdf)

Pack Innerconnectivity:

CellMan Temperature Sensing: (pdf)

Pack Enclosure Photos:

Precharge and Relay Board Schematics:

Precharge Graphs:

Calculated Current Vs Time

Ts Voltage vs Time

Pre-Charge Resistor Power vs Time

Discharge Circuitry:

Discharge Graphs:

Discharge voltage vs Time

Discharge Current vs Time

Discharge Resistor Power vs Time

Plausability Circuitry:

Plausibility Window Check

Open / Short Window Check

Nand Gate to ground throttle

Charging Circuit:

PB-1000 Block Diagram: