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 A suspension system on any race car acts as a filter between the chassis and the rough surface it drives over while also ensuring the tires remain in contact with the surface to achieve the maximum performance possible.

The suspension system designed for this years FSAE Vehicle includes a redesigned shock tower for the rear of the frame, with nearly vertical coil-over shock placement that allows for increased travel. This new design and implementation is shown below.

Coil-Over Shock Tower for Rear Suspension

The design process for this new rear system came with the notion that the frame team was updating the rear of the car in order to create symmetry and level proportion between front and rear. This being said, a new rear subframe needed to be manufactured, with similar pickup points for A-Arms so that previous designs could be reused. This new subframe needed a redesigned suspension system that was able to save room in the mid-rear for cooling components, while also maintain ride height and suspension travel. These goals were achieved using Optimum Kinematics, which allowed us to implement all of our pickup points and arm sizes, and create fitment that optimized our new shock tower design. Some of the Optimum Kinematics documentation is pictured below.

Optimum Kinematics depicting all Suspension Components

Optimum Kinematics after simulating Camber, Caster, and Toe









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