D000: PDR Presentation


The following materials comprise the LFEV-ESCM-2014 Preliminary Design Review.

NOTE: The materials on this page exist solely for the satisfaction of Deliverable D000. They should be considered out-of-date for all engineering purposes, and should not be referenced for technical insight into the system as delivered.

D001: CDR

Critical Design Review

D002: User’s Manual
D003: Final Report and Maintenance Manual
D004: Acceptance Test Plan
D005: Acceptance Test Report
D006: QA Audit

Quality Assurance (QA) is an important step leading up to full system integration. By ensuring correct operation of all sub-systems within their boundaries, this helps limit the challenge of integration challenge to interfaces. QA for a particular subsystem may be performed as the sub-system is constructed, or it may be performed afterward. Therefore in some cases, it may be that the assembly instructions are integrated with QA.

QA Test Plans

AMS QA Test Plan
PacMan BoB QA Test Plan

QA Audit Reports

AMS QA Report
PacMan BoB QA Report

D010: Project Poster
D011: Calibration and Error Analysis
D012: Software Maintainability Plan
D013: Request for Non-Budget Funding

Successful completion of the Lafayette Formula Electric Vehicle hinges on the intergation of several key components: the energy storage system, the powertrain, and the vehicle chassis. The cost to acquire the powertrain components (motor, motor controller, motor test stand, test power supply) is beyond the scope of any single ECE Senior Design Project, and must be expressly approved by the Engineering Department in order for any of these components to be acquired.

D014: EMI/EMC Analysis Memo
D015: Hazmat Analysis Memo
D016: LFEV-Y2-2014 Safety Plan
D017: Reliability Report
D018: Maintainability Report
D020: LFEV-Y1-2013 Subsystem Compliance Memo
D021: Accumulator Container FEV Compliance Memo
D022: GLV/HV Isolation FEV Compliance Memo
D023: TSV/AIR FEV Compliance Memo
D024: Fusing FEV Compliance Memo